Instagram Explosion!

Instagram Explosion!


Written By - Marisa Herrera-Keehn
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It started with Simon trying something new. 

A fun new technique he saw online from another artist sparked a great idea in Simon's mind. With the help of a lot of picture wire, and some paint buckets, he was able to create a quick trapeze that would swing a tray filled with multiple colors of paint. Or at least that was the plan.  

The camera was rolling and the paint was ready to pour, Simon let go of his tray and it swung foward and right back to his hands without a drop of paint being spilled onto the canvas. Simon then proceeded to pour the paint onto the spinning canvas, creating something new. The video was something that made all of us laugh and Simon wanted to share it with his followers to show that fails happen to the best of us. Little did he know that the video would go viral almost overnight. 

Accumulating almost 7 million views in a single day, Simon was suddenly thrusted into the world's For You Page. By the end of the week, the video had reached 25 million views. 

As of 8:30AM on 06.15.22, the video has over 29.1 million views. 

 When one video goes viral, the rest of the videos begin to get more views as well. Simon now has multiple videos that have been seen over 30 million times.  

Simon has earned over 624,000 followers on Instagram and is still growing. He's been diligently uploading videos to Instagram to show people how much fun the process of creating art can be. Some people love it, others hate it.

Painter Callen Schaub has built his career on using a swinging trapeze technique to paint masterpieces. People watching Simon's video tagged Callen in their comments, so much so that he saw the video and uploaded it to his own instagram with a very sweet message.

Simon Bull has been the 2019 official artist for the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC, the official artist to boxing legend Muhammad Ali, and the official artist for the 2002 Winter Olympics. Now, he can add Social Media Viral Sensation to his resume.

Follow Simon's journey on Instagram and watch the videos that made him a Social Media Sensation!

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