Simon Bull at PourCon

Simon Bull at PourCon

In its first installment, PourCon 2023 promised to be an exciting event with guest speakers Callen Schuab, Josie Lewis, and Gary John Bishop giving presentations during the 4-day event in Henderson, Nevada. Artist Simon Bull was invited as a celebrity guest during the convention.

Simon Bull, known for his CD Rack Pour Tool, was invited to showcase his technique at the welcoming party, where he would create a live masterpiece using 3 talented artists (Kanella Ciraco, Lisa Marvin, and Shelee Carruthers) lying across his canvas.

As the doors of PourCon 2023 opened, the welcoming party kicked off with excitement as Simon Bull took center stage as the three artists gently lay on the canvas. With his CD Rack in hand, the artist began pouring paint onto the 3 artists and the canvas. Creating mesmerizing patterns that seemed to dance across the bodies before settling onto the canvas. Each person on the canvas became essential, contributing their unique identity to the collective artwork. Through the communal experience of art, strangers became connected in a way that only creativity can achieve.

Kanella Ciraco, Lisa Marvin, and Shelee Carruthers were gently peeled off of the canvas and revealed colorful patterns across their black leotards. The painting was completed and the audience cheered. Once the large canvas dried completely, then was cut into over 350 sections and given to the artists and enthusiasts who attended PourCon.

Simon Bull's appearance at PourCon 2023 will forever be etched in the minds of attendees. His live creation of a masterpiece using his CD Rack tool was the perfect gift for all who attended. As the festivities continued, artists and enthusiasts alike left with a renewed sense of purpose and passion, eagerly looking forward to a future where art continues to break barriers and touch lives in unimaginable ways.

Written by - Marisa Herrera-Keehn

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